Blogging Ideas to Start a Money Making Blog

Blogging Ideas to Start a Money Making Blog

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Blogging Ideas to Start a Money Making Blog

Blogging can be done on any particular subject that you find interesting. In fact, any one can do blogging but readers stick to those who provide quality.

Jon Morrow from Smart Blogger says,”Anyone can start a blog, but the real test is getting readers” and it is really true.

You will find many blogging ideas in this post but before you start anything read our thumb rule first.

(Interest + Quality + Consistency) Making infographic over it later.

Creative Blogging Ideas to start a Money Making Blog

Beginner Guides

Everything is difficult before it’s easy. In other words, perfection comes after constant learning, doing mistakes and improving.

Many people want to learn various things on the internet. If you are well versed in something you can showcase your knowhow to the readers.

Even it’s a good way to start off your website.

We have also made beginner guide about how to make money online.


Many people do not know how to cook well. Even research shows us the facts. You can educate the people about making good dishes.

Writing about recipes will not make you short of content. You will always have the next content in your fingertips.

Ultimate Guides

Apart from making Beginner’s Guides, you can shift your focus on Ultimate Guides too if you can write advanced level tutorials.


Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business

Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

Ultimate Guide for Facebook Advertising

Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Writing Beginner and Ultimate Guides can help you build loyal audience. You can build a large subscribers list by using pop ups and providing pdfs.

Bonus Tip

While you are writing Ultimate Guides, don’t miss or ignore the basics. Try to give it a complete structure so that the person reading it may not need any other resource to fill the gaps.

Product/Services Review

Reviewing product and services is very lucrative blogging idea. It tendency of you and me that we quickly jump to the review sections of product, apps and services. This is why reviews are very essential and when they come from authority channels they possess high value.

You can make reviews if you know the pros and cons of the particular thing. started with such an initiation is now garnering huge hits and is among one of the best trusted review websites as it name suggests.

Tech News

Our generation is technology oriented. Many events and things happen on a daily basis in the technology sphere.

If you are interested in technology, there is no other option than this for you then. Tech news blogging ensures that you are never out of content.

Even, sometimes, you will find yourself incapable writing all the content on your own.

Bonus Tip

Nothing can stop you going if you doing what you are good at. First, make sure, are you good at it? If you find your answer in affirmation, just go ahead, no one stop you.

Entertainment or Memes

There are like numerous meme pages on the facebook and instagram who share memes on a daily basis and influence large amount of people with their posts. You can also make memes and a meme centric viral blog.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality world has taken a revolutionary dimension. People are crazy about Virtual Reality. If you have interest in Virtual reality then surely it can be a game changer for you.

You will have abundance of content and sponsorship proposals.

However, it may take time for you to come on the right track because of preexisting competition in this sphere.


Cryptocurrencies have changed the thought realm of people. People are uneducated about cryptocurrencies. Even those who are educated, need constant updates about it.

If you have knowledge about crypto, this can really be very lucrative blogging idea for you.

Bonus Tips

If you are planning to make blog about cryptocurrency, don’t forget to use a suitable theme or any premium theme for such purpose. You can find Crypto theme on Mythemeshop for wordpress.

Don’t let visitors leave without subscribing you. Use recommended WordPress call to action to ensure future visits of your visitors.


Many people love to travel including me. We are curious to know the best places out there to spend our free time. Google as a information hub helps letting us know of the places.

You can also hit Google with your Travel blog where you can help the travelers around the world choosing best affordable place to visit.

Travel blogging has taken all new dimension. If you have good following on Instagram, you are good to go for Insta Travel Blogger. Hotels, Restaurants and other places pay good amount to Insta Travel Blogger for posting sponsored post on their Instagram Pages.


If you have craze in Food, then you can start a food blog. Provided you share quality posts it is pretty easy to gain audience.

There are many popular food blogs on the web who have multiple sources of earning. But make sure your interest is above money concern.

Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style blogs have greatly influenced the world of Internet. Fashion bloggers are everywhere be it Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Many renowned personality have their fashion blogs where they share fashion tips and trends with their audience.

However, being popular to start a fashion blog is no barrier. If you have knowledge about fashion and style or your interest is in fashion, then you can surely make a fashion blog and build audience.

Bonus Tips:

If you have a fashion blog, don’t ignore social media. Even you can start reaching to the audience from social media like Facebook or Instagram.

You can get right audience quickly on Instagram and YouTube. So, make sure you have your profile there too with quality content. Once you have build initial audience, fashion blogging is very lucrative.


People, specially girls love doing makeup. Your knowledge can save the world by showing effective makeup tips, makeup products and lot more.

Showcasing your expertise in this field will slightly give you audience and you will find confidence in yourself when people will appreciate your work. No other thing is as worthy as appreciation for the work that you do from the people seeing it.

Bonus Tip:

Keep yourself updated with the trend and be active on all the important social media platforms.


You can show your photography skills to your unforeseeable clients through your blog. Alongside, you can sure yourself of some extra bucks if your blog gets popular.

Photography blog can work more as a portfolio than actual blogging. However, you can anytime give any dimension to it by providing photography tips tricks or lessons.

Beauty Tips

We all implement various kind of beauty tips in our life. Beauty tips include many things like natural beauty tips, beauty products, tips for certain situations( for say pimples) and lot more.

If you are interested in it, you can make a blog and write tips for the audience.

Bonus Tips

Don’t ignore the social importance if you are writing about Beauty tips.

Using social media you can reach numerous people who may love your content.


In the busy life and schedule, mostly people are towards money, money and money. They are putting their health on stake.

Even who have time to concentrate little bit are lacking good coaches and trainers. Most people take recourse to online information in order to get health tips.

In such, cases there are many opportunities for bloggers to write about health and educate the people by giving them free health tips.

Personal Blog

If you are jack of all trade then personal blog can be best for you. Personal blogging has many advantages as well. You have many responsibilities and attraction with it.

You will automatically put your heart and soul into your content.

Personal blogging ensures that you make use of your potential thoughts that are running in your mind all the time.

You will have variety of content option on your fingertips.


My Personal Experience with this or that

I bought this or that

My journey so far

Your personal opinion or review

There are like endless content ideas depending on what you do and how you do. Many big bloggers apart from their brand blogs keep pace with their personal blogs too.

Interior Design Blog

Most people are concerned about the Interior design of their houses. Even on google there is huge search for this keyword which implies the need among people for this.

If you have expertise in Interior Designs, you can write about this too. You can provide consultancy services in this respect too.

Relationship Blog

Billions of people are confused about their relations. They seek for relationship advice from their friends, family and most often they make Internet their friend.

If you have got appreciation for being rational and mature in relationships and people find you fit most often for seeking relation advice then it is right decision to help misguided people through your blog.

In this niche, I have seen people generally divert their content stream to another direction after a while when they get views on specific content. However, in order to be successful you will need to diversify your content rather than diverting.

Bonus Tips

You will need to be pretty smart understanding what the person might have in his/her mind while they are browsing your blog. In-depth article can help you reach to millions of people and gain loyal audience.

Educational Blogs

Many people see internet as a source of knowledge. They believe that they can learn anything from Internet. And that’s why they search from any silly thing to all reasonable things to learn online.

If you have knowledge in something with which you feel you can reach online audience, you can make a blog over it.


Learn Digital Marketing

Learn Data Science

Learn_how to_play guitar

Learn Java

Learn Spanish

Like that, there are numerous opportunities for teachers to scale their business.


With online recognition you will be able to expand your teaching business offline too. Exposure and name would bring to you the opportunity to more sources of income.

Also, Students can learn anytime they deem feasible.

Android Development, News, Gadgets and more

There are billion of Android users all over the world. You can share with the world your tips and tricks about android, android news, application reviews and lot more. Endless opportunities are there to write on.

Writing about Android ensures that you are never out of content and will always be busy with your stuff.

iPhone centric blog

After Android, there are huge iPhone users who are looking for best apps, tips, how tos and what not to personalise their Smartphone.

You can make a iPhone centric blog too in order to reach those users and provide the best information that may help them with better user experience with their smartphone.

Personal Computer blogs

If you have interest in computers then you can make a blog on Personal Computers as well. However, there is acute competition in this stream already. Still, you can manage it through time.

Bonus Tip

Make sure you write valuable content so that you may make a connect with the reader through your blog which will benefit you ultimately.

Financial Services blog

There is large audience looking for Financial services. You can help the audience by showing your expertise in financial services through your blog and earn a living.

Financial Market is full of opportunities. Right tactics when applied can make you wealthy.

Blog for Gamers

Children and even Youngsters utilise their internet in Gaming a lot. Many communities of Gamers are there on Google+, Facebook and other Gaming platforms as well.

You can make a blog for Gamers if you are a gaming freak or you have some interest in Gaming.

Viral News Blog

Viral News Blog can be very lucrative blogging idea if you can write viral news constantly. Well, viral news blog mainly depends on social media viewers for its views. However, it’s not always the case. But yeah, if you have social reach then it is very beneficial.

WordPress Tutorial Blog

If you love to use wordpress and know a lot about WordPress then you can make a blog about wordpress tutorials.

WPBeginner is very popular blog in this category. You can also make your own that can help the audience to learn WordPress.

Specific Language Related Blog

There are many people who want to learn a language online via applications, pdf and websites. If you have an expertise in a language then you may find huge learners online to read your blog for learning the language.

Song Download Website

Millions of people search and download songs on a daily basis. As a reciprocal there are huge websites who deliver them the song that they need to download and you can also make a song downloading website. You can monetize the blog with Google Ads and Affiliate Ads. If the blog works well you can attract music brands for the promotion too.

Lyrics Website

When it comes to watch time, Lyrics website have more of it because the user comes not to read but to learn and when a user comes to learn, he assures to provide value to the website. You can also be among the one to provide lyrics of songs via your website. However, to survive in the long run your website should be very modern and user friendly. It must have the compatible features that a user might be looking for.

User Generated Content Blogging

To be precise, user generated content blogging is a great idea. It assures strong community, proper feedback, more engagement and increased awareness.

You can use any way to turn your blog into user generated content idea which will assure success in short span of time.

Jobs Blog

You can also make a blog for youngsters looking for job. However, thorough research will be needed to write trusted content for the audience in the category.

You can make classified job portal where Recruiters and Job seekers come together.

Exams and results Blog for specific niche

We all are curious to know about our exams schedule(date sheet), result date and results. You can write specifically for a certain niche and provide such information that is useful for the readers.

Bonus Tips

I have seen many bloggers adopting wrong tactics by writing articles that never satisfy the users. It is advisable that you don’t apply wrong tactic just for ranking the article and gaining views. It will create bad reputation about your blog, on the other hand, if you stay clear and straightforward you will be able to maintain a relationship with your readers and they will keep visiting your site.

Consultancy Blog

Many people look for consultancy services online. If you have special expertise in something then consultancy services can surely bring in something amazing for you.

You can share consulting post on your blog and also let them know of your availability on other media be it a phone call, social media, email or something.

You can also sell paid consultancy services exclusively on calls or directly.

Quotes Blog

Millions of people find quotes about life, motivation, friendship, love, success, parents and what not on the search engines on a daily basis.

Most of them use them in their Story, Diary, WhatsApp status, DP and other places where they can show their feeling to their closer ones.

You can make a blog on Quotes too with some extra cut edge features like using them instantly with intent options.

Product Comparison Blog

Uncountable people dive into the ocean of product informations. They individually check the prices, review and specifications of each product and then compare with the other.

You can help them by making a specific product comparison website where people can easily compare the products with respect to their attributes.

Marriage Blogs

Blogging about Marriage is also very interesting. You can share anything related to marriages. You can write about best arrangements, new trends, marriage fashion trends and lot more.


Who does not want to know what is going on in the politics? In fact, political blog is very lucrative as you will never be out of content. However, you will need to depend on other sources for the information until you are an established media source.

Your views may be based on others in that case which is not a good thing.

Startup Blogs

Innumerable startups are opened within a year in United states of America and any other big country. People want platform to showcase their startup ideas to the Investors. On the contrary, investors need good startup ideas to invest in.

You can make a startup blog to extinguish the trouble of both these.

Business and Marketing Blog

Business and Marketing is also a subject that many people are looking for. If you have special expertise in business and marketing then why not you the next leader? Share your business and marketing expertise with the readers and see the pioneer following you.


These are best blogging ideas in 2018 that you can implement to make successful blog. However, there are many blogging ideas but in order to get success you must stick around to the those which you feel most suitable for you.

Blogging is not a quick rich scheme. Although it takes hours of hardwork and patience to see the plant growing.

You will need to be continuous, focused and hard working to get success in blogging and have a passive income.


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