Blogging Tools For Successful Blogging – Step by Step

Blogging Tools For Successful Blogging – Step by Step

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Blogging tools for successful blogging

Blogging is a battle where you need weapons to arrive in the battlefield. However, it does not mean that more and advanced weapons will ensure your success. Instead, the best intellectual use of these weapons can give you an edge over others.

We would be talking about these weapons or say tools that can help you start blogging(like a pro).

Well, it depends on the difficulty of battle as to the extent of weapons required. Even for the different warrier the weapons may be different.

To be clear, your objective decides the tools that you may need for your blog. However, I will share some common tools that you can use.

First thing first..!

You will need to join the battle. So, let’s create the website.

To create a website you will need a domain name and hosting.

Basically domain is an address of your website. It is string of characters that give unique identity to your website. On the other hand, hosting is space where your files will be stored.

To buy a domain you can go to Godaddy or Bigrock. Then you need to purchase a hosting for your website.

Now install the software to manage the content of your website. You may, however, have many options but I would recommend to use WordPress because of its flexibility and security.

WordPress Themes

After finishing the install you will have a simple “Just another wordpress site” page. This is the time to choose a perfect theme for your website. There are, however, lots of free themes on the wordpress library. You can choose any theme of your choice that you think should fit your need.

For the better security and updates you should, however, buy a paid theme.

There are many websites from where you can buy paid themes with an year or more of support.

WordPress Plugins

In order to add additional functionalities in your blog or website you should need some plugins. These plugins will provide you additional recommended features that will be helpful for your blog.

Social Share Plugin

Social sharing options are very notable for your website. They help your loyal audience to easily share your content with their social connections.

Hundreds of plugins are available on WordPress plugin directory for social sharing options. You can choose to use the one your website is most comfortable in.

Yoast SEO

In order to easily make your website search engine friendly you can use the no. 1 SEO plugin for wordpress that is Yoast SEO. All you need to do is just Setup yoast SEO and after the installation process and customize the pages and posts accordingly using the Yoast.

Pop Ups

Popups can dramatically increase subscribers and let the viewers know additional information that you want to covey. There are dozens of impressive popup plugin for wordpress like Icegram, Convert Plus and SUMO.

Adsense Advertisements

If one is struggling with Ads placement, there are plugins for that too. Plugins like WP Quads, Quick Adsense, Ad Inserter can help you place ads easily without any headache.


Analysis is pretty important task. You must insert the Google Analytics Tracking Code on your website to timely analyse what is going on. Google Analytics shows you a lot of valuable data relevant to your website with the help of which you can easily plan your efforts and make better strategies.

Email – mailchimp

You should not overlook the importance of list building. To make email subscribers and to send them lucrative emails you can use MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response or Sparkpost email marketing platforms. My recommendation is MailChimp because of its effectiveness and flexibility.

Other Blogging Tools and Resources


As a blogger you must not overlook the importance of visual content in your website. You always need to make sure that you use high resolution, self explicit and relevant images in your content.  

You can find high graphics relevant images on Pixabay, Unsplash, StockSnap and if you want images for powerpoint presentation then you may find Pickit lucky for you.

You can use online tools like Canva, Piktochart, Stencil, Venngage and many others to make eye catching images, infographics, logos and covers.

Automate The Work

We all are driving towards the automation. Automation makes the tasks smooth, time saving and pretty cheaper. It is recommended in some cases and most often automation of work becomes essential for you.

You can use Zapier to connect your apps and automate workflows. Also, IFTTT can be used to connect the apps and get most out of them.

Communicate With the viewer

Visitors appreciate quick communication and they love it. If you selling services or product through your website then it is recommended that you must have live chat option on your website. You can set that up by installing popular plugins like, Live Chat or Live Agent

Keyword Research – kwfinder, keyword planner,,

Professional bloggers always spend some on keyword research before the publish the content. They module the content according to their keyword research results while considering the user experience at its best.

In order to do the keyword research you can use Google’s keyword planner, kwfinder by Mangools or, SEMrush, LongtailPro.


Moz Bar chrome extension allows you to see website’s domain authority, link matrix, meta title and description, alt tags and much more.

Title Generator

It is a headache for almost all the new and most of the experienced bloggers that they struggle to choose the best title for their post. Interestingly, to simplify this process there are some online tools available like Portent, SEOpressor Blog Title generator, Title-Generator and many other.

With the use of these tools you can find hundreds of estimated titles for your main keyword.

Content Ideas

In order to come up with more content ideas relevant to your niche you can analyse the analytics of your website too and see what is more popular. Also, you can do the following:

  • Use Feedly to Find the relevant content ideas
  • Analyse the Trending Feed of Reddit and Twitter
  • Analyse your competitors and see what are they writing about
  • Join the relevant groups and communities see what they are discussing about


Security of your website is very crucial. You are putting on stake all your hard work and money if you are overlooking the security. To make your website pretty secure and non vulnerable to the hacking attacks you should use loginizer or Wordfence plugin. Apart from this you should take backup of your website timely. To make this feasible you can use Vault Press or WP backup plugin.

Improving Content Readability

You must focus on content readability too. Most people overlook this aspect and loose lot of foreseeable loyal audience. If you want to be the long term player, you must attempt hard to improve the content readability by using appropriate words and precise grammar. A single grammar mistake, sometimes, can revamp the meaning completely.

However, there are tools to help you out of this hurdle. You can use Grammarly, ProWritingAid or Whitesmoke to make your content impeccable and readable.

Time Management

Making the best use of your time can deliver you the best results. Most bloggers face the problem of mis management. Forgetfulness is a boon for mankind which we should not blame instead. However, we must concentrate on priorities and manage the tasks properly timewise. There are hundreds of tools and apps available using which you can easily manage your time and tasks. Among them there is Evernote, Todoist, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote and others.

Business Management

It sometimes becomes a great complication when you are doing the work collaboratively. To make the collaboration work much more easier, there are tools available that can help you accomplish what you want. With the use of Trello, Asana, Avaza, Airtable or Click Up, you can increase the productivity of your team and thus of your organisation or collaboration.

Schedule With Buffer

In the current era where people rely on the automation in every way, you will have to take a step further too. Millions of people use Buffer to schedule the posts on various social media platforms. You can also start scheduling your social posts for free on buffer and analyse its effectiveness too.

Password Managing

As a blogger you might be dealing with a lot of accounts. Password Management is something that you should take care of. There are lots of tools out there to assist you in managing your passwords in a very well manner. In order to manage your passwords, you can use Lastpass, Keeper, Dashlane or any other trusted tool.


Are you excited to execute giveaways for your website? If yes, then you have many choice to manage giveaways and enlarge the audience for your website. These tools include Gleam and Rafflecopter. However, there are many others too but these two are enough to accomplish your giveaways.

SEO And Analytics

There are many blogging tools and resources for SEO and analytics that you can bring into play for optimising your website for the search engines. These tools include:


Ahref is a wonderful tools for the SEO experts. Millions of Digital Marketers and companies make use of this tool to rank high on the SERP. When it comes to SEO tools, Ahref comes on the top for the number of features it provides for outranking the competitors by spying their SEO activities and tactics.


MOZ is a very prominent tool for Marketers. It gives the bunch of features for free to use like Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, MOZbar for on-page matrics. One can also use the extended features and unlimited daily use by purchasing the MOZ pro.


SEMrush is a very popular tool for blogging. It lets the users easily see the analytics, rankings, competitors analysis and expanded matrics.

Monster Insights

Monster insights is a very impressive blogging tool. It provides bunch of tracking tools like Ecommerce tracking, Universal Tracking, Ads Tracking, FileDownload Tracking, Popular Post Tracking, referral tracking.


SEOpressor provides bunch of helpful features for the bloggers and digital marketers like On-Page Analysis, SEO Intelligence, Semantic Builder, Crawler Control, Link Management.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is also very useful tool. You can identify to keywords, Submit the URLs, see the website health, check crawler warnings and lot more.

SERP Checker

With the SERP checker tool at SERProbot you can easily check the website ranking for the specific keywords.

Open Site Explorer

Similar Web

With the Similar web you can see the analytics with the respect to views, referrals, social, ads, audience and more. You can also install Similar Web google chrome extension to quickly view the stats for any specific website.

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is a SEO spider and crawler tool for blogging. The SEO Spider is a powerful and flexible site crawler which is able to crawl both small and very large websites efficiently while allowing you to analyse the results in real-time. It gathers key onsite data to allow SEOs to make informed decisions.

Over To You

These blogging tools and resources can assist you to have an edge over the others. Using them perfectly will let you use your time productively.


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