Email list building

Email list building

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email list building strategies

Email List building is undoubtedly an integral part of blogging where you endeavor to collect the Emails of viewers visiting your web pages. Most professional bloggers call it blunder if you don’t strive to accumulate subscribers list.

List building helps you keep in touch with the active subscribed audience. If you are selling products through your website, you might know the fact that it is hard to find new audience for business that to make sales through the active existing audience.

In this really fast world where people have no time to give for stupidity, you must really be smart in collecting the email list.

There are plenty of tools and strategies that can enable you to gather huge subscribers for your active blog.

  1. Write Valuable Content and Be the Authority

In order to build an email list you should be writing valuable content on your blog that really makes your viewers happy and satisfying. The more satisfaction you provide through your content the more chances you develop for the viewers to be attracted towards your blog. On the other hand, if you are unable to provide that kind of lucrative content to your audience you may fail in creating the email list. Also, you should be writing the way that you actually are the authority.

Internet is huge but If you copy others constantly your viewers will get that and you may be deprived of the loyalty.

2. Offer Something Valuable And Relevant

You should offer something valuable to your visitors through your blog to generate the email list. However, you should take care of your visitor interest too. In other words, you must offer something relevant. Suppose your article is about “Android Recyclerview Tutorial With Kotlin” then you can offer “ A complete Guide to Android With Kotlin”.

Most of your visitors will find that lucrative and will not hesitate filling up the details.  

What you can offer:


Most of the bloggers make e-books for the valuable and evergreen content. By making the ebook they are allowed to show it to the viewers as free download which can be send on the given email. This practice of e-book download can let you increase email list. You can use any Email marketing tool for this purpose such as Mailerlite or Mailchimp.


You can also provide monthly, weekly or yearly freebies to the users. Providing them free templates is one of the best options. You can send the cool PSD, Vector or any other template your audience may appreciate. This will allow to bind the non returning visitors as subscribers.

Video Course

People love short video courses. You can update on your blog or website about the video courses and trigger the action to the email which will increase your email list.

Extended Post

You can make a very condensed post about any broad topic which people admire and are always keen to know. By writing the condensed post you are allowed to make a PDF on the same post and provide it as a free download by entering the mail.


You can also make Infographic for the condensed post for generating the email list.

Discount for A Product

You can offer these lead magnets through a pop up or sidebar widget. However, you need to take the time into consideration. Don’t set it visible instantly. Let the reader read some content first. Also you can set it dependent upon the progress attributes. Like, it would be visible when scroll bar would be over 60%.

Doing this you would be able to assure the effectiveness of your lead magnets.

3. Make It Explicit for the viewer

You must keep the things pretty visible to your viewers so that they may instantly take action. You can put the widget in floating sidebar or at any place where it can be explicit to the users.

4. Home page Sign up box

In order to invite viewers to sign up to your newsletter you can show the sign up box on the home page with big visible call to action.

5. Welcome Mat

Welcome mat is a full screen call to action which is shown to the users when they land on your page. There are various plugins on WordPress to show welcome mat to the users. Welcome mat is very powerful way to build the email lists.

6. Using a smart bar or hello bar

You can also use smart bar or hello bar in your websites. The use of smart bars or hello bars can also bring in more subscribers.

7. Use Custom Sidebar Widgets and Popups for Better Relevancy

In order to achieve effective results from your subscription boxes you need to set the relevancy for that. In order to set the relevant popups you must use custom popups for your posts and pages. Also, for the relevant widgets you can use custom sidebar.

8. Hosting Webinars

For new bloggers, hosting webinars can give a great kickstart. They can easily collect the lists by hosting the webinars. Webinars also give a premium touch as the users you would be interacting with will be the ones you have talked in person, face to face.


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