How To Make Money From Viral blogging

How To Make Money From Viral blogging

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how to make money from viral blogging

The concept of viral blogging is not new. You might have several questions in your mind like what is viral blogging, how much can I earn from Viral Blogging, how to create viral blog or what not. Wait, you will get the solution of all these questions today.

What is Viral Blogging?

In fact, it is a strategic blogging plan where the views are derived through the medium of social media. The idea behind such blogging is that you hint the viewers with such an insane thumbnail and Title that they can’t resist to open it.

Viral blogging is very lucrative and you can even earn a fortune out of it. However, it’s not a quick rich scheme though as you have to align all the elements in a very right place. It may take some time, hard work and may be investment too.

Again, in viral blogging you need an engaged audience. On social media, audience engagement is not a herculean task. You generally make a page, post memes,post funny videos and statuses and start building a loyal audience. Sounds easy? Isn’t it?

Let’s Dive into the process of viral blogging

To be honest, viral blogging takes some set of processes to be adopted in order to make a successful viral blogging brand.

How to Make Money Viral Blogging

Choose A Name

In viral blogging, you generally do it with a certain name which needs to be pretty clicky, short, easy to remember and attention driving. However, it’s not always the case.

Example: Rajnikant Vs CID Jokes(RVCJ). Created in 10 October, 2010 (10-10-10) RVCJ has now 14.8 million likes on their main page as they now have various pages around their main page like RVCJ Sports, RVCJ Punjabi and lot more.

But yeah, in order be quick and remembering you must follow the above. For example: Sarcasm. We all know this page. Created in 29 Dec 2015 this page is now having 40.3 million likes. Which is really crazy.

Secure A UserName

While choose a name for your brand you must also secure a username for it that may be available like everywhere. To simplify this task you can use where you can choose the perfect username for your social media accounts.

After securing and the accounts you need to make the accounts. Easy?

Yes it is. But don’t forget to make the eye catching graphics and create an interesting description wherever needed.

In viral blogging, you not only focus on your blog but also focus on social media audience engagement.

That’s why it is better if you have a good team to take care of different elements of your prospective business idea.

Engaging Audience On Social Media

In order to earn from viral blogging, you must engage the audience first on social media. You can do this by the following:

Post Original Content

It is required to post original content with branding in order to survive in the long run. Most people make a mistake here and start sharing others content without concern. You must strictly avoid this and create interesting memes and videos with branding.

Post Trending Content

In order to drive attention of the audience you must choose the trending topics to make meme, videos and content on.

Post Shareable/Taggable Content

To engage more and more audience to your facebook page you need to post shareable and taggable content more and more. Shareable content can easily go viral if it is promoted even a bit. In viral content people viewing your content actually help you a lot by sharing and tagging so give them chances to do that more and more.

How To Promote Facebook Page Content

There are definitely many ways to promote the facebook page posts. However, people generally start by inviting their friends and connections to like it. And it is of course a good way to start off.

Well, you can promote your page posts as follows:

Ask your friends to invite their friends too

Use Eye catching images

Post Humorous and attentive posts

Learn the best time to post

Schedule your page posts

Share your posts in other groups

Run Giveaways

Boost Your posts

Making A Viral Website

In order to monetize your page or say social engagement, you need to make a viral website. Viral website is basically a website with the viral content inside. Let’s dive into the whole process:

Purchase A Domain Name

First of all you will require to buy a domain that is similar to your page name(recommended). You can buy domain from Godaddy or Bigrock at cheaper price.

Purchase Fast and secure hosting

After purchasing the domain you will need to host it on a secure, reliable and fast server. You can buy hosting on bluehost, hostinger and host-stage.

After setting things up install WordPress.

Well, to make a viral website your website must have required configurations. To give your website viral capabilities there are themes out there that you can use like Bimber, Boombox and King. Even you can use any other theme and extend its usability using different plugins.

What Functionalities Can Really Add Up To A Viral Websites

A viral website can have different functionalities that make it really interesting.

#Viral Content

First thing first, your content should be attentive, general user based, not restricted to any short stream of people and engaging.


Quizzes play an impressive role in viral website. You make a quiz once and depending on promotion thousands and lakhs of people can participate in it. Viral websites see quizzes as an important element to raise the viewership.


Polls can dramatically change the insight of your website. They are powerful, catchy, trendy and attention seeking. Do you know why? Competition! Yes, competition in everything make polls a weapon for viral websites.

#Advanced Sharing Options

Also, your website should have extended and easy to sharing options so that users may easily share the content. You must set the user graph API too.

Not allowing the easy to navigate sharing options can be a mistake in viral blogs. So, you must take care of it.

#Reaction On Posts

Reaction option on the posts can really make a difference. You will be asking why?

I got you. People are more excited to react rather than comment on anything. You will be able to know the pulse of the audience this way and module the content thereto.

#Votes On Posts

Votes system is also an option to let the audience put their opinion on the content.

#Interesting Design

Apart from the above functionalities, an interesting design can also play a vital role in viral blogging. It should be easy to navigate, look decent, responsive and should have better user experience and interface.

How To Make Viral Content

Making viral content is neither tough nor a piece of cake. However, you can learn to make viral content for sure. First of all, in order to make viral content you must choose the topic that may relate to majority of people around your reach. There are number of subjects you can choose from: Politics, Hollywood, Relationship, Fun, Humor, Entertainment and lot more.

It is important for your viral content that people should not only see your content and move on. It should be such that people choose to see it among the crowd and not only see it but also react on it and share in some manner or the other.

Some Examples of Viral Content

What happens(or will happen) when _SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENS

For say:

what will happen when sun disappears right now

What will happen if we don’t sleep

Only _ out of N can identify _this

For say:

Only 1 out of 1000 people can identify these grammar mistakes. Can you?

Even life hacks and other similar channel are type of viral content.

#Make Stunning Graphics

You need to make a stunning thumbnail or say featured image for your content. Even study shows that people are more likely to see the piece of content which visually persuades them.

Have you seen “before and after” content on web? You can guess from that they are actually viral because of their thumbnail.


Celebrity Name Before and after

To be precise, catchy graphics can dramatically increase the CTR for your content. So, always make sure you make them wisely.

#Make Viral Quizzes and Polls

Quizzes and Polls are powerful part of viral websites. The Website like Buzzfeed, ViralNova and other give proper emphasis to quizzes and polls.

However, to make a quiz or poll go viral you must know your audience first and prepare interesting quizzes and polls for them.

You can see some interesting quizzes of Buzzfeed below.

How Quizzes and Polls help viral websites?

It is always seen that people are more excited to share the quizzes score or poll results on social media with their connections. On the other hard, post content is rarely shared by the people who have read it.

#Use GIFs in your post

You can make use of GIFs in your posts to make it decent and give a lively look. Use of GIFs in the posts can also produce the interest for your content in the reader’s mind.

How To Earn From Viral Blogging

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to earn from viral blogging.


You can earn by showing google adverts on your website. The earning capacity will depends on the views you generate on your viral blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Earning through Affiliate Marketing becomes feasible and lucrative when you are influencing large audience. A right Affiliate Marketing strategy can bring in a lot of revenue through viral blogging. However, it is advised to be


People or Brands will be gravitated towards your website and social following which means that you may get sponsorships too. In order to attract sponsor you can pitch them through various means. You can show a page on your website to get in touch with them. Also you can ask them to contact you for collaboration and promotions.

Most often you may earn more through sponsorship rather than advertisements.


You can make money from making interesting videos. But why video?

Because on social media videos are popular than other media. By making and posting interesting videos you may not only increase your followers base on social media but also increase your earning.

Selling Own Products

By influencing huge people through your content you can gradually be a trusted brand. Once you become a influencer, you are ready to sell your own products.

Example: Bhuvan Bam who got popular with BB ki vines on YouTube now sells through

Bewakoof which started with facebook page and viral website is now having a store too.

How Much Can You Earn From Viral Blogging?

However, Nothing in exact numbers can be said about the earning that you can produce. But yeah, engaged ones are garnering a lot of money out of it.

Buzzfeed last year revenue (2017’s revenue) remained above $300 million. However, if you start well and focus well on your content then surely you can accumulate much money out of it.


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