How To Promote Your Blog -Step by Step

How To Promote Your Blog -Step by Step

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how to promote your blog

How To Promote Your Blog? It really is a reasonable question when after using a lot of potential to write articles, you come out of your cage.

Promoting your blog and its posts is equally important. It’s is exactly like homework done. Once you finish your homework, you have to show it to the teachers so that they may know that you have done that. The same way after writing your articles your job is to show that to the potential viewers.

In order to promote your blog there are roughly two ways: 1. Free 2. Paid

Both ways of promotion are equally important. In some cases paid promotion is recommended while in other free ways of promotion do wonders.

Let’s quickly jump to the ways to promote your blog effectively.

How To Promote Your Blog Effectively

There are many ways you can promote your blog effectively.

Social Media

We all are aware of the power of social media. Social media has undoubtedly changed the life of many people. Your content can reach to the thousands and lakhs of people through social media.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Stumbleupon
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google+


Facebook as a social platform allows you to reach to the audience that may find your content useful. Starting promotion from your personal profile is a good approach. However, there are many ways. Let me show you some effective ones.

Making A Page – Make a page on Facebook and let others know out of it. Invite your friends to like that or even ask them to invite others in their list.

Making A Group – You can also make a Facebook group and add your acquaintances and friends there. Facebook group as a community is really powerful way to build trust among the audience.

Finding Related Pages – Find other related pages on Facebook and share them your content. If they like it, they would share it. It all depends on how you approach and communicate with them.

Bonus Tip

Don’t directly ask the pages to share your content. They would not like it or will refuse or ask for consideration. The best way, however, is to start with informal communication. Some have this talent naturally and some learn it. Be awesome and convey your message in a meaningful and interesting way.

Finding Related Groups – Find and join related groups of your niche. Let the members of other groups know about your blog.

Bonus Tip

Don’t start off immediately promoting your blog after joining the group. First make good friends there. Be in touch with group admins and moderators. Comment and Like people posts too. Slightly find the opportunity and share your content.

Facebook Paid Promotion

Sometimes, paid promotion is recommended too when you want quick growth or your niche is pretty technical or you want to scale your business.


Twitter is a microblogging social platform where you can promote your blog while ensuring trust about you among the readers.

Bonus Tip

Don’t be yourself. If you want good attention on twitter, then you must like and comment on other people tweets, retweet their tweets and ultimately be active.

Twitter is worth of your time and you can gain potential audience on twitter.


You can leverage the YouTube as a source of audience to your blog. However, YouTube itself is a platform where you must ensure your activeness for long term efficacy of your blog. You can easily drive traffic to your blog through YouTube if you play well.

Tips to drive traffic from YouTube

  • Link in the Description
  • Link in About
  • Adding associate website and promoting within videos
  • Commenting on other people videos


Reddit is surely a powerful platform. Reddit has content for everyone. There are many subreddits like sports, art, funny, gaming, news, movies, science, pics, videos and friends on reddit. Millions of people use reddit on a daily basis. Reddit is garnering 1500 Million views monthly.

If you are new to reddit, it will surely take some time for you to get views, upvotes and attention. However, if you post humorous content you can surely get karmas and widen your reach.

Bonus Tip

In order to drive traffic to your blog you must be really consistent and follow the rules of subreddits before posting your content therein. To give a kickstart to your reddit profile, you can buy reddit gold too or promote your content for bucks.


Tumblr is really a great way to promote your blog content as well. You can make your blog on Tumblr too and share your content links and info. However, you must follow the key strategies to get followers for your blog on tumblr.

Like, follow and comment on other people blogs and share interesting content to get followers on Tumblr.

You can follow the Wikihow guide on How to Get more followers on Tumblr.


To get initial views you can also use Stumbleupon website. There are huge number people who use Stumbleupon. You may not find the targeted audience by the way on Stumbleupon, however, it is best for letting more and more people know of your content.


Linked is a professional network. Linkedin is, however, not meant for sharing the way you may want. But yeah you can build a huge network over here and share your blog and content freely.


You can also use Pinterest to get audience and engagement on your blog indirectly while posting content there.


Many bloggers are overlooking the strength of Google + these days. However, there are some active communities of Google+ too where you can be in touch with members and share your stuff wisely.

Quality Content and Call to Action

Well, it’s all about content which eventually bears the recognition for blog’s success. Even all the effort goes fruitless if your content is not good. It’s like a product of your manufacturing concern where if quality is not existing all the marketing efforts go in vain.

It follows the proverb,”Actions speak louder than the words”.

The same way if your content or product is having quality then your marketing efforts are automatically reduced. However, they don’t get completely extinguished.

Your call to action becomes very effective when it is combined with a great content.


Email subscribers are very significant for any blog. In order to get engagement through Email list first you must concentrate on list building. There are many ways you can build email subscribers for your blog.

  1. Through Landing Pages
  2. Providing Valuable Stuff – PDF content
  3. Welcome Popup
  4. Using Hellobar
  5. Home Page SignUp box
  6. Exit Intent
  7. Other

E-mails can dramatically change your blog insight if you use them wisely.

Optimize Your Email Content

You must optimize your email content very well. In fact, you should decorate it in very authentic way so that not only it is opened by the users but also the intention behind sending it gets fulfilled.

A catchy subject line, proper body text, appropriate internal linking, storyboarding and proper call to action is something that makes an email perfect for the audience and for you.

Write Evergreen Content

You should spend more time in writing evergreen content. With the term evergreen I mean that kind of content which may be useful all the time for the audience of your niche.

It also allows you to share it randomly and makes sure that your effort does not go in vain.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimizing your webpage for the search engines would yield organic visitors to your blog. Search engine optimisation is nothing but making search engines happy with your content by giving various signals to the search engine.

What you should take care of:

Keyword Research Before You Determine to Write: 

There are many blogging tools for the purpose of keyword research. You can use tools like Ahref, MOZ for the purpose of keyword research. Keyword research is very important. Because sometimes your website may not rank for the keyword which are difficult to rank. However, these tools can tell you the similar short tail and long tail keyword for which you can rank your content. If your article ranks for those keywords then the possibility of ranking the article on the main keywords slightly becomes better.

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

You need to ping your URL to the search engine so that it may show in the various search engines.

Keyword Density and Relevancy

You must take care of the keyword density and relevancy properly for the better results of the content that you have written.

Internal Linking

Better internal linking helps not only the viewers reading your blog but also your blog in various way. It gives google a happy signal when you internally link your articles however you need to make sure that the link is relevant to the the anchor text.


You also need to consider making backlinks from the authority and trusted websites which will ensure long term viability of your blog.

Write Long Posts

When you write any comprehensive post about any topic, its possibility of ranking becomes very high dramatically. So, if you have not good domain authority and page authority, you should be considering writing long post as this will enable the search engines to rank your posts accordingly high on the SERPs.

Optimise content for Rank Brain

Google consider Rank Brain for ranking the keywords. So you need to make sure that your content makes the Rank Brain signal very happy.

Optimize Images

Don’t leave the last mouthful by not optimizing your images for the search results. You must give proper title and ALT tag to your images which will ensure better ranking for the article as well.

Using Focus Keyword

In Yoast you can check the viability of any particular article to rank on the search engine. Using various keywords you will be able to see if you are making Yoast happy with your content. In free version Yoast allows only one Focus keyword. But you can put different keywords in the focus keyword section and without deletion make happy the Yoast for most similar keywords around the main keyword.

Bonus Tip

If you use wordpress, install Yoast SEO plugin which will help you in optimizing your blog. Make sure you avoid Over SEO resulting in bad user experience, retention and increase bounce rate which is not going to help you either.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking not only impresses the search engines but also helps promoting your blog posts. Many people overlook internal linkings while most pro bloggers use internal links on a great extent. Do you see Wikipedia website? They are known for their internal linking structure which is very appropriate and yield millions of views through it.

Give Others Reason To Share Your Blog

You can conduct interviews, write reviews, list out best products/services/websites/or something thereby hinting others to share your blog with their community.

For example, you can list out top n number of blogs of X niche in Y country. Then reach out to those with your post. If your pitching and the content is good they will not avoid sharing your post.

Choose the best time to post

From the past analytics you need to access the information as to what is the best time when you should share the posts. Be it on social media platforms or on the blog.

Actually, when you publish your post, it is recommended that you share the post instantly on various social network. However, bad timing may affect its impact which you can avoid by posting at the best time.

Choose Relevant Hashtags

If you are promoting your posts on social media, its good to choose the relevant hashtags. Using hashtags on twitter and Instagram works like a boon. Hashtag shows relevancy and marks your posts as more discoverable to the targeted users.    

Interact with Audience

Never ignore the people reacting on your social media posts or blog. Take some time and reply them.The more you interact with your audience the more trust you will build.

You are writing content for your audience and if they question you, appreciate you, advice you or ask for it then it is your job to satisfy them with kind text.

Guest Posting

Guest Blogging is a decent option to promote your blog via other people’s blog. From guest blogging you get readers who may like your blog too. Apart from that you get a backlink from a reputable website. However, Guest blogging or guest posting is successful when you do it right ways.

You should know how to Pitch, Network and build relations in order to do successful guest blogging.

Running Giveaways

You can also shift some emphasis on running giveaways which can bring in huge number of audience to your blog. But before you do this you must ensure yourself of the right ways to conduct them. However, there are many website on the web like, and many more. You are just a search away.

Giveaway are very effective in scaling your business and reach lot more users unexpectedly. Many bloggers and vloggers conduct giveaways timely to expand their reach. Giveaway has been wonderful option to promote your blog.

Sharing Call to action

Use proper call to action on your blog for the readers to share your content on their profiles with their connections. If you are successful in persuading the readers effectively to share your valuable content with their connection, believe me, you have half won the race.

Business Cards

You can create business cards for your website for offline local promotion. In fact, many bloggers have that. It is even recommended if you are travel, fashion or food blogger to have business cards. Online reach can bring in more clients and reach.

You must include you web address or QR code or even both(recommended) on your business cards to get more clicks.

Add Your Blog URL in Profiles

In order to receive more hits on your blog you need to make sure that you have set your blog URL in your social profiles. Let me tell you places where you need to set your blog URL.

Social Profiles

You need to make sure that you have set the blog URL in all your social profiles be it Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Instagram Account and any other social media platform where people can find you.

Author Profile

You must ensure yourself of your author page too that you have disclosed your blog address there.

Forum Profile

On forums people will tend to see your profile if you show good intellect in discussions and at that point you can get hits and audience for your blog.

Email Signature

Most people overlook it, however, if you deal in emails on moderate or large scale, it is recommended that you should not miss to include your blog address in the e-mail signature.

Online Forums and Q&A websites

In order to promote your blog online and reach audience you can join relevant online forums as well. There are many online forums where people put their concern and experts answer them. Frequent and deliberate use of forums can help you promote your blog.

Apart from Forums there are Q&A websites too like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stack OverFlow using which you can promote and build audience for your blog.


Doubtlessly, promotion of your blog is really important aspect which when ignored can lead to unexpected results from your endeavour.

Many people do have unsuccessful blogs with impressive content therein because they don’t or didn’t focus on promoting their work.

If you are new to blogging, then it is always recommended that you must allot time to promotion of your blog as well.


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