How to start your own blog (Step-by-step)

How to start your own blog (Step-by-step)

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how to start a blog

Want to start your own blog? but have no idea about the correct footprints to be followed? No worries, you have reached to the right destination where you will learn the secrets of how to start your own blog and make money blogging.

If you are the one interested in blogging, be with me throughout the conversation.

Even if you already have blog(s), come on, we have some interesting facts to expand your viewership and income too.

Blogging these days is a platform to reach people, the more people you reach the more connections you build provided you do it all the right ways.

What is blogging?

In past, people used to make notes of their personal lives, write diaries and all.

With the evolution of internet they started blogging as a platform to share what they do, love and care.

Nowadays, blogging has become a respected and established profession for most of the people who have dwelled their time into it.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Let’s dive into the discussion of the topic ‘How to make money blogging’

Why Blogging?

Actually, I hear this question a lot of time. why Blogging? Well, blogging gives you freedom to do what you love.

To be precise, you can share your knowledge with the world and get paid for blogging indirectly. Blogging is influencing business where your revenue depends on how and to what extent you influence your readers in a meaningful way. It helps to educate the visitor about any service or product or a tip. Which later can convert the visitor to a potential buyer of direct or indirect products/services.

You get continuous motivation while you do the good. You learn a lot while blogging. It is a media platform in the hands of individuals, the right use of which can make you leading/influential personality.

How to Start Your own blog?

Starting a blog is not a hard nut to crack. However, most of the people shun off the idea right at this point, may be because of no/low technical background or lack of confidence or lack of belief in the fact that blogging can actually help you make a living.  

But don’t worry i shall explain you the whole process in very meaningful way. You have to ensure that you follow the given methods and processes.

#1 Find What Are You Passionate About

So, this is the first and most crucial step in the path of making blogging a career.

Think, twice and thrice about your inner inclination to a certain topic that you can write about.

Don’t go for the topics which you can’t write much about. In fact, you need to find the topic that you feel you can write a lot.

Certainly, if you are new to blogging, it’s the most important question you have to answer to yourself or you are deceiving none other but you, yourself.

Bonus Read:

The Internet is full of knowledge and things. In past when it had sort of limited content over there, precisely, it was easy to choose a broad topic and make that a hit.
However, nowadays, there is no rationality in starting to write about any broad topic; until and unless you have a good team or you know everything about the topic or you are ready to devote the time required. However, you can start with a niche and make it a big hit.

#2 Choose the right platform

In order to make a blog, you have to make a decision of choosing right blogging platform for you like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla etc.

However, I recommend WordPress to start with.

WordPress is the first choice of probloggers because it is free to use, easy to setup and pretty robust and secure.

#3 Choosing and Buying Domain Name

In order to make a successful blog, you should take some time to find out a unique name or address for it.

Also, it needs to be available, so better to book your one on Bigrock, Godaddy or Bluehost.

#4 Buying Hosting for Your Blog

Now the next big step is to buy the perfect hosting for your blog that is fast, secure and reliable.

#5 Using Blogging Tools

The blogging world is changing drastically and in order to have an edge over the competitors you should be aware of the tools that they use to expand their viewership and generate organic traffic.

Creating Content that drives traffic

In order to make a blog that may make money, you need to understand your audience.

You can’t sell comb to a bald.

In common parlance, it’s your job to find out their pulse as to what they want, what they appreciate and like that. Making that simple just put your feet in their shoes for the time being.

Your baby(blog) can’t face the cruel world without your education. In other words, to connect with the audiences, you have to start writing, develop a habit of writing frequently and end up making good relations with the audiences that read your blog.

Well, to be exact, you have to be unique while writing the content for your blog. Quality content needs no recommendation and it is the key to reach the audiences. It is never advisable to join the insatiable bloggers ruining the internet for money.

Write useful articles that add value some way or the other. This will as a consequence add value to your blog too and gradually you will be able to develop readership for your blog.

Ways To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is all about marketing. Making money in blogging depends on how you market your words to the readers. You convey valuable tips to the readers through words and instigate them to react.

There are many ways you can generate money from your blog which you can find below.

#1 Advertisement

Majority of blogs show relevant ads to the users and earn based on blog’s popularity.

The business model behind this is simply of showing advertisement of various advertisers who want to promote their products and services on the web through medium of content monetisation platforms such as Google Adwords, Clicksia, and more.

When profitable

In order to earn decent income by showing Ads, you must have good amount of viewership on your blog. It is always good practice to start with no or less amount of ads so that user experience may be maximized.

#2 Affiliate Income

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest way to earn money. In affiliate marketing, you recommend products of others in exchange of some commission.

You don’t need to bother about making products, delivery, returns and all.

There are many affiliate programs that you can join to start with like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba etc.

When Profitable

Like any other method of monetization. This method as well will bring good amount of money when the blog starts getting decent traffic. Though this method also needs people to click on your affiliate links and then make a purchase from the linked website. To make sure this happens. You have to add affiliate links only to those products and services which are related with the content of the blog and they are making good number in sales on their own.  

#3 Selling Own Products

If your blog turns into a recognisable brand, its good time to turn your loyal viewers into customers. In fact, at this point, viewer will be eager to be your customer.

Many people start off making websites with an idea of selling their own products. However, all do not get successful in this business.

Is It for you

Selling your own products can be a million dollar business for you.

If you are planning to sell through online, it is a good time for that. Because people from all parts of the world have started shopping online. Blogging allows you to earn by selling your own digital and non digital products online.

It is surely for you, if you are prepared for it.

#4 Selling Services

Apart from showing other people ads, endorsing others goods and selling own products you can sell services through your website too.

Many people sell their skills online by means of Logo Designing, Web Designing, App Developing and what not. You can also ask the viewers to hire you for the certain work you are skilled at.

When Profitable

If you are sharing tips and tricks via your blog. These tips may be about programming tips, fix of any issue, developing tips, designing tips or any other tip.

People coming to your website will find it interesting if you could do it for them for some consideration.

Example: Your share on how to make an e-commerce website will catch the visitor attention on your sidebar, top bar or pop-up about hire me to make an e-commerce website for you.

#5 Selling Digital/Virtual Products

Selling digital/virtual products is a decent way to make money blogging. Concern about delivery, manufacturing machinery and large space is extinguished when you sell digital products.

Digital Products may include ebooks, software, Music, Photos, web elements and more. By selling digital products you can add new source of income to your blog.

Is it good for you

Off course, if you have something to offer your viewers of value, they would appreciate your initiative. However, you need to ensure that you charge reasonable prices for it. It is highly profitable for people those who own or can produce digital products.

Bonus Tip

It is best practice to give your viewers freebies. If you have multiple digital products, you can set the one you feel more likely to attract the viewer.

However, you can bifurcate your product to turn free into paid or lite version of the e-book, trial-version of software or more. And later sell the paid version to those you downloaded the free version.

#6 Sponsored or Featured Content Posting

Some brand pay to the bloggers who have large audience to write about their product or service on their blogs.

If you are an established publication or content creator you can post featured content of such brands on your blog for consideration.

When Profitable

Once again this method also like all others has a prerequisite that the blog should have decent traffic. But this method also needs connections and relations with other brands. Who can be outreached for getting their content posted on your blog against some fees.

#7 Writing Reviews

Writing reviews is also the part of sponsored content posting. However, it’s bit different from normal sponsored post.

To put it differently, reviews are your own unbiased words about the service or product of the brand.

Depending upon your size of audience you can charge amount from the product owners.

Bonus Tip

If you are an established publication, your visitor trusts your review. So, it is advisable to adopt impartial approach and exhibit true and fair view of the object.

Which will in return turn your viewers into loyal viewers or even fans.

#8 Membership Website

Membership website is like turning your free tution into schooling by charging minimal recurring amount timely.

However, your students are not going to join your school and will try to find someone else until and unless your free tution was valuable to them.

Putting it simple, your viewers will buy membership only when you have content worth to them. Membership websites mean you need to publish premium content all the time to allure your viewers.

#Is it good for you

The membership website is a good option if you can maintain it, create impressive content timely. Otherwise, you may lose your existing visitors.

However, if you have digital downloads website, classified website, you can go for it to increase your revenue.

#9 Selling Ad Space

In order to earn fixed amount instead of depending upon click or conversions, you can sell few blocks of your website space for advertisement. This sale is generally made for a fixed amount for a month. So the buyers of the ad blocks of your website will pay you a fixed decided amount to you for a month or more.

By this, you will be sure of your revenue and you can earn some extra income from this.

Is it for you

If you want to earn fixed amount from your blog and allow better user experience then surely it is a good thing for you.

Your BIGGEST fear- what if your blog doesn’t generate traffic ?

Probably this is what which makes most people hesitate to start blogging.

Well, No business gets successful overnight. It takes time and patience to give it a shape. However, you need to continue trying, implementing, innovating through which you will learn.

Blogs started with primary objective of earning get fail. Instead you need to deliver quality, value and satisfaction to the users, money will come as a result of it.

If you try to fill the space with copied content or go for quantity over quality. Nothing favorable is going to happen, even if it does, long term development well be uncertain.

However, you can set short goals for yourself to make the process really smooth.

How Much Money you can make from blogging ?

Well, it all depends upon your traffic, size of audience, demographic and nature of audience that how much you can make money out of it.

I said, “Blogging is an influencing business.” Remember ?

And your revenue depends upon the extent of influence you can make.

I have seen people making fortune out of it with no extra job. However, if you put things right way, write quality content, please the audience with your skills, you are all set to make living out No matter in which country you live in. I have seen many bloggers making more than 10000$ just from their blogs. Although that’s not the last limit which you can make from blogging. But $10k is decent figure for resident of any country for his living.


Blogging is a battlefield where you arrive with your expertise and intellect. Success in blogging depends upon the influence you create among the readers.

If your words and teaching fall flat on the reader, check yourself, you are not on the right path.

There are certainly many ways to make money from blogging but without right direction they, at least most of them, fail.

Blogging is a full time job for many bloggers I know. So if you wanna start making career out of it. Don’t think more. It is certainly a stream of decent money which can be made online.


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